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January 1st, 2010

The Rules

* At the end of each month members will be invited to suggest books for consideration. You should give the title and author of the book as well as a quick description. You may link to other sites if you wish, such as Amazon. Each suggestion should be posted as a 'reply' to the main topic. This keeps things neat. Members will be informed when nominations will close.

  • Members should avoid discussion of the merits or otherwise of other people's suggestions. If you wish to discuss a nominated book, or any other book you may have read, please make a new post.

* A poll will be posted as soon as nominations close and the democratically chosen book will become the 'Book of the Month'.

  • You are not obliged to read the nominated book, but please refrain from negative comments about a book you haven't read. It is inevitable that there will be occassions when some members will have read a nominated 'Book of the Month'. 

* Members are encouraged to discuss the book as they read but must make sure of the following:

  • The post should be labelled with the name of the book and the chapter you have reached (e.g. Relentless - Chapter 6.)

  • Discussion of the book ( up to the chapter mentioned) is then permitted in the post.

  • If you have finished the book and wish to discuss it in it's entirety then please make sure you follow the above rules, using the 'subject' box and LJ cut appropriately.

* Off topic posts are welcome. Feel free to post about books you're reading or have read, film adaptations of novels or anything else book related! As always though, please make sure you use a cut if you're giving away any secrets!


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